It began like any other day. The suns were shining, the magma was at a perfect 150° C (302° F), and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Cëlo Paolo was with his friends Gëro Meko and Kolo Krako at school. Their math teacher, Mr. Gröndaosi, was giving a lecture on integrating complex polynomials when the president's voice came blazing out of the loud speaker, "Çikao dïm aleto!," (Warning! Warning!), "Vos planeta ba rïm varomi!" (Our planet is being attacked!). The class quickly rushed to the escape pods. Paolo got in a large, blue escape pod with his two friends and his teacher. After blasting off, they had no way of telling if anyone else survived...

Chapter One- LunaEdit

After what felt like an eternity, they landed safely on the moon. They put on temperature controlled space suits, and set off to explore the moon. In the distance, they saw another, much smaller, escape pod. They rushed over to see if anyone inside survived.
Lifting open the hatch, they found Krako's twin sister, Reja, and her apparently dead chemistry teacher, Ms. Fali. The girls leaped out excitedly at the sight of their brother. Suddenly, an ominous earthquake began. A rift opened up beneath the escape pod, and Reja absent-mindedly climbed back in to get their belongings. The pod fell in, dragging her along with it. Then, the earthquake ended as suddenly as it had begun.

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